Neighbor Calls Cops on Kid Playing Pokemon, Same Crazy Neighbor Apologizes with Pokemon Cake. ~ CASH {Pic}

Yes, 911? There’s a six-year-old out in the street up to no good. I wonder, is that how the call to police went?

Minnesota resident, Amy Kellems posted the pic over the weekend explaining how she was pulled over in her own driveway by police who received a call about suspicious activity. The suspicious activity was Amy driving her kid around catching ‘Pokemon Go’ characters. For more on the story, click here.

What is going on with people nowadays? You can’t do anything without someone snooping on you thinking you are up to no good. I’m glad the lady made it good and made a cake to show how crazy she was, but c’mon! If anything, maybe the little girl and her mom should have made the lady a cake who is now sitting in jail now for wasting law enforcement time.