Luke Combs’ Described How He Proposed to His Fiance and It Involved Cat Pee, a Panic Attack and Hot Ears?! {WATCH}

Luke Combs proposal attempt involves cat pee, a panic attack, and hot ears.  Ready for this?

When LUKE COMBS popped the question to his now-fiancée Nicole Hocking back in 2018, Luke made the mistake of deciding to do it on the night they moved into their new house.

They talked about it on the Couple Things” podcast hosted by former Olympic gymnast Shawn Johnson, and her husband Andrew East.

His plan was to put the engagement ring on a new collar he bought for Nicole’s cat.  It always jumps on her lap, so she’d see it then.  But the poor kitty had a panic attack in the move and kept peeing itself.  Both of their cats had to be sequestered in the shower.

Luke couldn’t put off the proposal because she was picking up her parents at the airport the next morning, and they already KNEW he was asking her that night.  He worried they would yell “congratulations” as soon as they saw her.

So in the middle of all this madness he decided to just suck it up and ask her.  He did it in the very romantic place known as the kitchen.

Here’s how she describes it.

 “After I gave the cats their baths, and he was like, ‘Okay, I got new collars for the cats with our address . . . and I also got you this.’  He pulls it out, gets down on one knee. . . and my ears are hot.”

Even Luke was confused by the last part.  He said, quote, “That’s what she said.  ‘My ears are hot.'”

And then she added,

“It was a lot.  I wasn’t expecting it at all.  In the least bit, especially not in that moment.  Obviously, I said yes.”