Justin Moore Reveals The Tweet He Immediately Regretted Sending to His Idol Charlie Daniels {LISTEN}

Have you ever tried to impress one of your heroes, or someone you really respect, and it doesn’t go quite how you planned?

JUSTIN MOORE feels your pain because it happened to him.

Here’s the story: He saw a video pop up on his Twitter timeline of CHARLIE DANIELS getting the news that he was going into the Hall of Fame. Justin gave it a quick look and decided to reach out to congratulate his hero.

Here’s where it gets embarrassing…the story was actually a few years old!

Justin said:

I just quickly watched the video and I thought, ‘Oh man, wow.’ So I text him and I go, ‘Mr. Daniels, man, congratulations. So long overdue,’ and yada yada yada, ‘and so happy for ya, and hope all is well.”

And he goes,

‘That was actually a couple years ago, buddy, but I appreciate it.’

I’m like, ‘Of course!’ I guess it was an anniversary of it or something. I was like, ‘Well, that was stupid.’ But at least I was trying to congratulate him.  I was just two years late.”



Hey it could be worse Justin, you could’ve accidentally tweeted something like this.

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