Coors Light’s ‘Clone Machine’ Allows Video Chatters to Sneak Away Unnoticed [VIDEO]

Coors Light unveiled a “Clone Machine” that lets you loop yourself during video chats if you need to step away.

The Coors Light Clone Machine creates a 30-second video loop of yourself that can then be activated during a video chat to give you “just enough time to sneak in a trip to the fridge for a cold beer.”

“A hassle-free interface will allow you to record and save a video of yourself nodding along politely, with the occasional smile, while your boss talks about the latest budget reports or your friend wants to put her new baby on to talk for the millionth time,” Coors said in a statement.

Now, this won’t help if your boss happens to ask you a question while you’ve popped off to get a beer.

Also, don’t forget to mute yourself when you pop the can of beer open folks!