This Strawberry Hack Will Instantly Make Your Mushy Fruit as Good as New Again {PICS}

This is the first year we won’t be able to enjoy the Pungo Strawberry Festival but there are still lots of local strawberry picking farms open and practicing social distancing.

If you’re like me, you always pick off more than you can eat before they start to go bad.

Usually I freeze my extras for smoothies but this new hack (using ice!) may help revive those mushy strawberries.

Facebook user Brittany King shared this hack (though she noted we should actually be praising her friend Lilly!) that only involves a bucket of ice water. You’re probably pretty familiar with this trick that can revive things like wilted greens, but it turns out it works with wilted strawberries too.

All you have to do is pop these “sad” strawberries into a bucket of ice water for 20 minutes and boom! They’re back to being bright red and perfectly juicy again. As noted, this isn’t going to work with strawberries that have actually gone bad (please don’t pop moldy strawberries into an ice bath and eat them!!!) but if they have a few imperfections, this should do the trick.

Have you tried this hack?  I’m saving it for my next strawberry picking outing.