Carly Pearce Promises “It Won’t Always Be Like This” in Newest Song {WATCH} – Big Red

We are all handling this in many different ways, but we can all say one thing, that this time throughout this global pandemic it has truly been a strange time. Carly Pearce dropped her new song that has come as an inspiration during these crazy times, “It Won’t Always Be Like This”, hoping to give people ‘peace and comfort through this very uncertain time.’

She debuted the song on Good Morning America earlier this week and it’s truly uplifting and an amazing song.


She previewed the song on Instagram with the caption.

“When I wrote this song, I knew that it was going to be a special one. It is truly the most heart I’ve ever put into a song & little did I know all of the ways it was to unveil its meaning even deeper to me. A beautiful thing for me is seeing how we ALL can relate in the exact same way to it right now. My band & I created a special video to hopefully give people peace & comfort through this very uncertain time. Thank you to @goodmorningamerica for debuting this video today & I hope everyone holds onto their faith & their loved ones and remembers “it won’t always be like this” ❤️”



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