Cool New Baby Name Ideas for Quarantine Babies~Carly! {PIC}

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Giving birth during quarantine is not an easy feat. But life goes on…literally! Instead of focusing on fear, let’s celebrate our strength, resilience, and togetherness during this time. We’ve put together a list of baby names that celebrate new life and those qualities.

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Here are some pretty neat names , including their meanings,,,,check them out….

Matilda – An English name with the meaning of “battle strength.” Bearers include a myriad of queens, a saint, and a storybook character.

Philomena – A Greek name meaning “strong friend.”

Valencia – A Spanish name with the meaning of “strength, health.” Valencia is also the name of a large city in Spain.

Liora – A Hebrew name meaning “my light.” Also spelled as Leora.

Lucy – An old English name meaning “light.” Bearers include a saint and one of the oldest known fossils, Australopithecus.

Niamh – An Irish name meaning “bright.” In Irish mythology Niamh is the daughter of the sea god.

Audrey – An English name meaning “noble strength.” Audrey Hepburn is arguably the most famous Audrey, but was also used in Shakespeare’s play, As You Like It.

Nadia – A Slavic name with the meaning of “hope.” A famous bearer is Olympic gymnast Nadia Comeneci.

Zelda – A German name with the meaning of “gray battle / strong woman” and originally a short form of the name Griselda. Two common associations are Zelda Fitzgerald and the video game series The Legend of Zelda.

Cytheria – Cytheria was used for people from Cythera, Greece and is also the name of the Greek Goddess of Love.

Marcella – A Latin name meaning “young warrior.” Also the name of a saint.

Gideon – A Hebrew name with the meaning of “great warrior” and a figure in the Hebrew Bible.

Finley – A Scottish name meaning “fair warrior.”

Tutti – Tutti is an Italian word or name that means “All Together.” It’s used in music to indicate that all musicians should play a section.

Lucian – An English name with the meaning of “light.” Bearers include various saints and a Roman rhetorician and satirist.

Valerian – A Slavic name with the meaning of “strength.” While the plant might be more well-known, a Roman emperor from the 3rd century CE also bore the name.

Oz – A Hebrew name meaning “strength, courage.” It can also be a diminutive of longer names beginning with Os, such as Oswald.

Ethan – A Hebrew name with the meaning of “firm, strong’. Variations of the name can include Ethen, Ethyn, Eitan, and Eytan.

Vincent – A Latin name meaning “victorious”. One of the most famous bearers is artist Vincent van Gogh.

Albert – An English name with the meaning of “noble and bright”. Albert is a common name in royal families, one of the more well-known being Queen Victoria’s consort.

Elio – A Spanish name meaning “the sun” or the light from the sun.

Valentine – An English name with the meaning of “strength, health.” Bearers include a Pope and several saints.

Sanjaya – A Hindi name meaning “Victory in battle or victory over judging one’s self.” The most famous Sanjaya would be Sanjaya Malakar, singer and American Idol contestant.

What cool baby names have you though of?