Keith Urban Reveals the Snack Food He’s Worried About Running Out of In Quarantine: “I’m Down To My Last One” {WATCH}

Keith Urban misses his family in Australia and isn’t sure when he and wife Nicole Kidman will be able to travel again to visit their moms.

“That’s the hardest thing … We want to get back and see our mums. Nic’s sister is there and family and my brother and his family is, too,” Urban said.

Not only that, he wants to get back home because he’s running out of his favorite Australian chocolate bar.

“We are really anxious to get back and stock back up on these because I am down to one,” he added, holding up a package of something called Cherry Ripes.

According to Amazon, Cherry Ripes are candy bars made of ripe cherries and coconut, and covered in a coating of “rich, old gold” dark chocolate. It’s also Australia’s oldest chocolate bar.

Ok now I want to try it too!