George Strait’s Advice for Coronavirus Quarantine: Family, Friends and Prayer

George Strait is offering his advice on having more time on your hands during quarantine.

In an interview with Billboard, King George revealed he underwent knee replacement surgery and has been rehabbing on his own  with family.

“I had a knee replaced right before the quarantine. I had been planning that for a while. It went very well but I had to rehab on my own due to the obvious conditions. I’m ready to go again now though. All good.”

He went on to give some advice to fans:

“Talk to your friends often. FaceTime is better. If you see someone struggling, step in and talk to them. Often. Let them know that you are there for them if they need you. This is going to be over at some point and we’re going to be back to the way things were a couple months ago. I really believe that. It will take a little time but we can do it. Keep your chin up. Pray hard.”

George also said he is itching to start performing again once he’s allowed to.

“To have this horrible thing come up and slap us all right in the face really sucks. I can’t wait to play with my band again in front of thousands of people. I’m addicted to that.”