TikTok Trend Exposes Dads for Shaking Nuts in Their Hands Before Eating Them [VIDEOS]

People are realizing something their Dads have in common…they shake their snacks, specifically nuts, in their hands before they eat them.

The videos of Dads being secretly filmed shaking nuts have gone viral on Tik Tok.

One dad said that he does it to make the nuts more condensed after they spread onto his hand, so it’s easier to throw them in his mouth. Others speculated that dads do it so the snack doesn’t get sweaty in their hands.

While many are saying this is a Dad thing…my husband (who is not a dad) does it too- so maybe it’s just a guy thing??  Does your Dad or S.O. do this too?


@ej_savage_lmaoAnd that’s on cashews 😔👊🏻 ##dad ##neverfitin ##natureathome

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