Nine Year Old Boy with Cerebral Palsy and Autism Completes Marathon on Walker

Tobias Weller, a 9-year-old from England with Autism and Cerebal Palsey, finished a full 26.2-mile marathon-length relay. 

His fundraiser page states:

Tobias is nine years old and is an intelligent, quirky, happy little boy with an amazing sense of humour and level of determination. He has Cerebral Palsy and Autism so he faces many challenges on a daily basis. He cannot stand or walk unaided and requires support with most tasks that we usually take for granted.

Tobias was planning on completing a 1km sponsored walk in May in our local park, unfortunately this isn’t currently possible. Inspired by Captain Tom, he declared, ‘Why don’t I use my walker to try to complete a marathon by walking up and down my street every day?’ A marathon!!!


He has raised $107,000 so far.

The money he raised will be split between the Sheffield Children’s Hospital and the school he attends alongside other children with neurological conditions.