Grandpa Shows Young Kids How To Jump Into a Swimming Hole! ~ CASH {Watch}

Look at this guy!

I’m impressed for two different reasons. First, the jump is incredible. I mean, I would never do that, I guess that’s not saying much. Second, how in the world did he climb that tree that high? I haven’t climbed a tree in a while, but it doesn’t look like there are good branches that would support the jump.

Back where I come from, I love saying that. In New Mexico, I grew up at the base of the Sacramento mountains and there were waterfalls and waterholes you could hike up to and go swimming, but nothing like this. My friends and I used to think we were big tough guys for jumping off of a rock 10 feet into a pond. Come to find out, we were a bunch of sissy’s compared to this guy. Wow!

I keep watching the video and I’m speechless. I mean, this guy’s a real man. Check it out!