Eric Church Announces New Music, “”It’s gonna be a son of a b***h!” {WATCH}

Over the weekend, Eric Church gave his fan club members an update on new music in a video message.

He said he’s been working on something big and “It’s gonna be a son of a b***h!”

“Hey guys. Hope everybody’s okay. It’s been kind of a weird time.

But I wanted you guys to hear from me first that a new single is about to hit the world, about to hit country radio, and it’s going to be the tip of the spear for what’s coming after. And it’s a big spear. I believe it’s the best we’ve ever been in our career. Don’t have a reason for that. Just, creativity took over. And I’m as proud of this music — that’ll involve different forms — than I’ve ever been.

And I cannot wait until we can all get together and I can play it. And you can sing it. And we can have that camaraderie, we can have that communion. Because I miss that, and I think everybody misses that. It’s coming, and when it gets here, it’s gonna be a sonofabitch.

Hope to see you guys on the road.”