Are These the Worst Dads in Film and TV? ~ CASH

First, Happy Father’s Day!

If all these Dads are the worst, who do they consider the best? Oh, I know, what about “The Brady Bunch” Dad? He seemed pretty cool. I mean, can you imagine living in a house with all those kids? He somehow was able to keep his sanity. I’m impressed! Oh, I know, Andy Griffith! You know he’s one of the best Dads.

Now, when it comes to the worst Dads, most of us thought these were some of the best TV Dads. Check out the list.

  1. Homer Simpson
  2. Daniel Plainview (Played by Daniel Day-Lewis) in “There Will Be Blood.”
  3. Al Bundy on “Married w/Children”
  4. Frank Gallagher (played by William H. Macy) on “Shameless”
  5. Danny Devito Double Dip: Frank Reynolds on “It’s Always Sunny in Philly” and Mr Wormwood in “Matilda”
  6. Jack Torrance (Played by Jack Nicholson) in “The Shining”
  7. George Bluth Sr. (Played by Jeffrey Tambor) on “Arrested Development”
  8. Tywin Lannister (Played by Charles Dance) on “Game of Thrones”
  9. Michael Corleone (Played by Al Pacino) in “The Godfather”
  10. Darth Vader (Played by James Earl Jones/David Prowse) in “Star Wars”

I’m not sure how I feel about this list…I disagree with Homer and Michael Corleone. Who do you feel is the best TV/Movie Dad? You can let us know on the Eagle Facebook page.

Happy Father’s Day!