Dads Don’t Want Clothes for Father’s Day?

Well, unless you know for sure that dear old dad wanted a new Hawaiian shirt for Father’s Day, you may wanna return it for something else…like a power tool, a retreat, or a flashy new electronic gadget. According to ONE survey of 1000 dads, clothes topped the list of the one thing they didn’t want on their special day. Also on the “don’t want” list: greeting cards, books, & personal care items.

Honestly, I don’t know whose dads they were talking to, but the dads I know would welcome any gifts from their children…and totally love them! – KW

What gifts NOT to buy on Father’s Day, according to one survey

For those who are stumped about what kind of gift to buy for Father’s Day, maybe one suggestion that could help is this: Start with what not to buy for the occasion. Coupon Lawn surveyed more than 1,000 fathers in the United States to see what their most unwanted gifts were for Father’s Day.