Woman Uses Her Whole Stimulus Check to Create a Stuffed Animal Zoo in Her Front Lawn {PICS}

A 86-year-old woman from Pawtucket has gone viral after creating a “zoo” right in her front yard.

Nancy Connor told WJAR, “I went through World War II which was tough but it’s nothing like what’s happening now everything is so sad. People are walking up and down the street looking very sad and I thought well what can I do?… I took my stimulus money and I built a zoo in my front yard. I used every penny of it on the animals and I’m happy I did.”

She built the zoo on her front lawn with the help of a local firefighter.  It includes lions, monkeys, and eagle and a penguin along with a sign that read “Welcome to the Zoo.”

Other animals will be arriving this week. She’s hopeful more people will, too.