What’s Coming to Netflix in July!

Never have I ever been so excited to see what’s new coming up on the streaming platforms. For the last three months, it seems like that’s all we’ve been doing…streaming shows. Naturally, there would come a time when we WOULD get bored with the selection. Like…right now? Fortunately, Netflix is giving us plenty more to choose from this summer beginning July 1st!

What’s New on Netflix in July 2020

With July upon us, there are a slew of new Netflix titles coming your way. As the coronavirus pandemic continues, you are probably spending your summer months inside more than you usually would, and the good news is, there are a ton of streaming options to help you pass the time.

Personally, I’m looking forward to the return of “The Notebook” (July 18th…don’t judge me), and the reboot of Unsolved Mysteries (starting July 1st)!

Happy streaming! – KW