Louisiana Man Arrested For Swimming in Bass Pro Shop Aquarium. ~ CASH {Watch}

I’m amazed at how far some folks will go to generate a social media following. All while I can’t build my Instagram following to save my life. Maybe I should perform some crazy stunt??? Who am I kidding, I’m too old for that.

I’ve been to the Bass Pro Shop in Hampton. Those aquariums have some big fish in there. I wouldn’t feel too comfortable jumping in with a fish that looks like it can swallow me whole. No thanks!

Look at this guy! Kevin Wise is a 26-year-old social media guy who said that if he got enough likes on his page, he would follow through with the stunt. Well, the likes came pouring in and he kept his word. I do admire a man who keeps his word. However, this little stunt got the guy arrested.

He may have been arrested, but he’s got a pretty cool story to tell.