Tik Tok Personality Quiz Goes Viral {WATCH}

We’ve all done it — spent way too much time taking ridiculous online quizzes to determine which Hogwarts house we belong in and which ice cream flavor matches our personality.  Wait, just me?

Well, today TikTok users are currently obsessing over this 4 question personality quiz.

@jamielaingThis is how you understand your personality in 4 simple questions ##viral ##foryou ##jamielaing ##you♬ original sound – jamielaing

Here are the four questions. Think before you answer, and don’t look at what your answers mean until you’ve gone through all the questions:


  1. What is your favorite animal in the world?
  2. What is your second favorite animal in the world?
  3. When you think of the ocean, what do you think of?
  4. When you think of darkness, what do you think of?

Ok.  Got your answers?

Now here’s what it all means:

  1. This is how you perceive yourself.
  2. This is how you perceive your partner.
  3. This is how you perceive love.
  4. This is how you perceive death.

So my answers were.

  1. A cat.  This means I’m a loveable jerk who is stubborn, sleeps a lot, and likes to have my back scratched.  Ok, accurate.
  2. A Dolphin.  I definitely think my husband is extremely intelligent and super cute.  Again, accurate.
  3. Deep.  Ok, now we’re getting deep here.  I perceive our love as deep ❤️
  4. Scary.  How I perceive death. AAAHHH I’m really scared now.

How accurate do you think this was? — Stephanie