Is Your Relationship Indiana Jones “Bug Tunnel” Strong? ~ CASH {Watch}

This past Saturday night there must have been an Indiana Jones movie marathon on or something. I watched the first, second, and part of the third before I fell asleep. Such great movies. I think my favorite it Temple of Doom, and if you’ve never watched it, you’re really missing out!

There’s a scene in the movie where Indiana and Short Round get into a pickle and they need Willie’s help. You see, the two are about to get crushed to death unless Willie puts her hand through a really gross bug tunnel. While we were watching the movie I asked my wife if she would put her hand through the bug tunnel to save me? She said, “nope!” Then she said, “just kidding.” I don’t know if she was or not.

This has to be the truest test for any relationship. Would you put your hand through the gross bug tunnel for your significant other? If you can’t remember the scene take a look below.

You can skip ahead to 1:50 to see what I’m talking about. Now that your memory has been refreshed, would you do it?