Luke Combs Reveals How Long He Lasted on his 90 Day Vegan Diet {LISTEN}

Back in February of this year, Luke Combs shared about a lost football bet that resulted in him going Vegan for 90 Days.

The wager was that his Carolina Panthers would beat the Atlanta Falcons.  Obviously, they lost and he promised to “prevail” with his vegan diet.

Well, somebody recently brought it up and he came clean.

“Am I still a vegan?  No, I’m not still a vegan.  Did I honor the bet for the whole 90 days?  No, I did not.  

“I made it just over a month and I just was like, ‘Man, I don’t really want to do this anymore.’  The bet [was] with my keyboard player, and I really debated on just firing him if I had to do the whole 90 days.  So no, he was cool with me giving up.”

Right after Luke’s reveal, I challenged Cash to try out a vegan diet.

We checked out several local restaurants that offer vegan options like vegan calzones at Bodacious Bakehouse.

Plant-Based Breakfast sandwiches at My Vegan Sweet Tooth.

Vegan Philly “Cheese Steaks,” a Vegan Omelet, and Vegan Mac ‘n Cheese at Kahiau’s Bakery and Cafe.

And finally, vegan burgers at The Bumbling Bee.

So how long did Cash keep up with the vegan diet?

Let’s just say he didn’t make it quite as long as Luke but he discovered that vegan food isn’t as boring as he previously thought and can’t wait to try some more!