Dan + Shay Release Release Trippy Music Video for ‘I Should Probably Go To Bed” {WATCH}

Dan + Shay released their first new song since January on Friday, July 31 called “I Should Probably Go To Bed” and the duo dropped a trippy music video to go along with it.

They filmed the video during the CVID-19 pandemic and told Billboard magazine there were measures in place to keep everyone safe:

“Everybody had to get tested for COVID on the way in, and there was a COVID compliance officer walking around and making sure there was never a moment where people had their masks off. It was crazy, but, you know, it was what we had to do and I think it felt good for people to get back to work. People were eager for that. I think this moment has caused us to step back and to appreciate, ‘Hey, we all get to do music for a living. This is incredible. It’s a dream come true.'”

The music video has an Alice and Wonderland vibe to it or Stranger Things depending on your generation.