Kane Brown Releases Remix of ‘Homesick’ Featuring Veterans {LISTEN}

Kane Brown has partnered with Crown Royal to unveil a new remix of his chart-topping single “Homesick.”

The new version takes on a whole new meaning with three veterans providing captivating backing vocals. Generald Wilson, retired U.S. Navy 1st Class Petty Officer; J.W. Cortes, retired U.S. Marine Corps Gunnery Sergeant; and Sal Gonzalez, retired U.S. Marine Corps Lance Corporal, were all recruited by Crown for the remix.

Kane told Forbes magazine:

“I’m honored that they’re on the song,. Hearing the veterans gave ‘Homesick’ more meaning to me, [especially] knowing how long they were in the military … you can tell that they’ve been homesick before. [Wilson] was in the Navy for 21 years. I can’t imagine everything that he had to go through: being away from his family, all the sacrifices. You could definitely hear the feeling [in the way] that he’s singing.”