Airbnb For Swimming Pools Has Arrived, And I Wish I Would Have Though About It. ~ CASH {Pic}

How nice would it be to have a pool during the pandemic?

Dang, it! Another million-dollar idea that I didn’t think of. You know, it’s during trying times like these that someone gets creative and rich!

Swimply is a new app that works just like Airbnb. The app was initially launched in 2018 but during the pandemic, the app has grown over 2,000 percent! Why rent the house when all you really want is the pool?

The app allows you to rent someone’s pool for an hour or two. The owners can juice up your experience by including amenities like bbq grill, bungalows, stocked bar, things like that.

I downloaded the app and saw that you can rent pools from different parts of Hampton Roads starting at around $30 bucks an hour. Someone is trying to rent out their hot tub hourly for $15 an hour.