PB&J Sammich In Chicago Will Set You Back $350 Dollars! ~ CASH {Pic}

Woah, pump the brakes for a second. $350 bucks for peanut butter and jelly sandwich? What did I miss here?

A couple of brothers decided to open up an eatery in Chicago that specializes in Pizza, Beer, & Jukebox, and a really expensive pb&j sandwich. Check out the restaurant’s website here.

This pb&j is unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. They call the behemoth, “The Golden Goose.” Not sure if it lays any gold eggs or not. (That’s my Willy Wonka reference.) These two crazy brothers got the idea to serve up the kids classic after reading about another pb&j sandwich that was selling for $200. They thought, we can do better than that, and they did.

Take a look! Unless you’re sleeping on one hundred dollar bills, who would pay for something like this?