Nebraska Man Demands Justice Over Boneless Wing Controversy. ~ CASH {Watch}

Hey, if you’re passionate about something, do something about it. Kind of like this guy did.

Can we get a virtual round of applause for Lincoln, Nebraska native Ander Christensen?

Why not show up to a city council meeting and voice your concerns regarding different topics. The dumb stuff I’ve seen folks bring to the council chambers is nothing compared to this man’s professional attempt to persuade Cornhuskers that they need to do something to fix a major problem in America. The boneless buffalo wing.

I mean, the guy has a point. A wing isn’t a wing unless it has a bone in it, right? Then, he addresses the weirdness that some kids refuse to eat meats on a stick or on a bone. I get this because Fiona at home is like this. When did this start? We need to get ahead of a major problem in America.

You can watch Ander address the chamber below. For the full story, click here.