Little Girl Shows Mom’s Malibu Bottle For Show-And-Tell. ~ CASH {Pic}

Listen, when it comes to show-and-tell, everything is fair game. On the first day of virtual school, my wife took the day off to make sure things ran as smoothly as they can. When I got home, I noticed she was rummaging through our drawers looking for something. I ask, “What are you looking for?” She looks at me and says, “This!” Then walks back into my son’s bedroom/classroom. It was show-and-tell day.

This had to have been something similar. For today’s show and tell, show us something that smells good. Mom was probably scrambling looking around the house and found the Malibu bottle. Problem solved! Malibu smells great!

Way to think on your toes, mom. The 2020/2021 academic school year may be the greatest year for show-and-tell. I can’t wait to see the creative things laying around the house that might be something interesting to share with your classmates.

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