Luke Combs Drops New Video for ‘Lovin’ On You’ Starring His Wife and a Mini Version of Himself {WATCH}

Luke Combs released an adorable music video for his hit ‘Loving On You’ that stars not only himself and his new wife Nicole Hocking but also a pint-sized Luke Combs!

The video starts with the younger version of Luke getting out of his mom’s car, a birthday present in hand as he heads inside the rink for a girl named Nicole’s birthday party. After attempting to roller skate, young Luke makes his way to the arcade games, where he’s able to win Nicole the pair of pink-laced roller skates she’d been eyeing.

Keep watching until the very end, when grown-up Luke walks up to the ticket counter with a single ticket and says, “Ma’am? One ticket, here, what can I get for that?” and it’s his real-life wife Nicole who turns around.