Someone Just Paid $6,000 For a Vintage Disney “Aladdin” Shirt From 1992! ~ CASH {Pic}


I’m pretty sure I had this shirt. Sometimes I think about all the cool stuff my Mom threw away that would probably be worth millions today. Millions, I say!

This is unbelievable! I knew Disney merch is worth some cash, but a vintage “Aladdin” shirt for 6 g’s? Corbin Smith, the owner of the shirt, first bought it for $500 bucks last year and thought he would start the bidding out at a buck. It blew up!

So why’s the shirt worth so much money? Nostalgia, that’s it! Most of these Disney shirts from back in the day were only printed once and if you were lucky enough to grab one, you could be sitting on a gold mine. For the full story, click here.

Check it out!