Carrie Underwood Reveals Why She Recorded Her First-Ever Christmas Album: ‘I Needed It’ {WATCH}

Carrie Underwood’s first-ever Christmas Album, ‘My Gift,’ comes out Friday, Sept. 25th and she was on The Today Show this morning to talk about the album release.

She said in the interview that it was inspired by the events of 2020.

“I didn’t want to let this year stop us,” she said. “To be honest, it was such a blessing for me to be able to go in and just sing these happy, positive songs in this year. It was something I needed, and hopefully people can make it a soundtrack to their Christmas this year and just be happy, put a smile on their face and celebrate the things that are good around them.”

Carrie’s five-year-old son Isaiah appears on the album and she joked that she felt like she was a little bit of a stage mom.

“I was in the booth with him and trying to get him to access all of his little 5-year-old emotions, which he can totally do on his own. … He was just so expressive! When I heard the song back, with his sweet little voice on it, I was laughing and crying and just so many emotions.”

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