Brad Paisley Answers Rapid Fire Questions, Reveals Dream Job is a Spy {WATCH}

Brad Paisley was on Watch Happens Live with Andy Cohen where he answered rapid-fire questions including the last celebrity he texted, the last thing that made him cry, and the celebrity that left him star-struck.

Andy asked the best advice he’s ever received and he said it came from his father, when he was 15 and just starting to perform. Quote, “He used to say to me, ‘You know what, you’re cute . . . but when you’re 20, you have to be better than this, you can’t just be a 15-year-old. You’re good for 15, but be good for 20. Get better.'”

Brad also revealed his dream job is a CIA Spy…maybe that’s why he wrote the Christmas song “Penguin, James Penguin?”

Brad played a game with host Andy Cohen and fellow guest Drew Barrymore where Brad gets clues from Andy Cohen’s parents to guess Drew’s famous movies.

During the After Show, Drew Barrymore and Brad Paisley chat with Andy Cohen and Brad talk about his non-profit donating 500,000 meals to those in need in Nashville since the pandemic hit.