$12,000 Raised For 89-Year-Old Pizza Delivery Guy Working to Cover Prescription Drugs! ~ CASH {Watch}

What’s an 89-year-old man doing delivery pizza anyway? To pay for his prescription drugs, that’s why.

This makes me so mad and happy at the same time. Thank god these kind folks did something to help this poor man out. This is real life, folks. My grandad had terrible asthma and we never had any money. Since I grew up close to the border, we would drive to Juarez, Mexico to pick up his prescription drugs. It saved my grandparents’ hundreds of dollars.

Derlin Newey started working 30 hours a week to help cover his prescription drugs. He’s made friends with several of the folks that he delivers to on a regular basis and his friends wanted to do something about it. For the full story, click here.