6-Year-Old Pee Wee Running Back Can’t Be Stopped! ~ CASH {Watch}

How old is that kid, 15? No way that kid is only 6-years-old or is he?

Boom! Look at that stiff arm. Shouldn’t this kid be called up? That’s what they used to do when I was a kid many years ago. If there was ever a standout in any league that was pouncing the other players, they would be called up to the next age group. Look, it’s just not fair! However, it does make the younger much smaller kids better at what they do. Despite being run over by a 6-year-old freight train.

This isn’t the first time this kid has gone viral. His first call to viral videos displayed his incredible stiff arm action. Wait, he can play defense too?

Somebody better sign this kid quick!