Utah Hiker Spends 6 Good Minutes With a Mountain Lion. ~ CASH {Watch}

Here, kitty, kitty, kitty…

Yeah, it’s all fun and games until Mom shows up. Again, I don’t get it??? Folks, if you see any kind of baby animal out in the wild, there’s a 99% chance that the babies momma is somewhere close and she isn’t going to have any time to deal with you. What I’m trying to say is, she’ll make quick work out of yah. Kapeesh?

Not too sure if that’s the case for this guy who went for a jog in the mountains of Utah. The aesthetics of the Utah mountains are glorious. What a bad spot to be in, especially if you’re by yourself.

If you haven’t seen the video that everyone and their moms are talking about, check it out! Have you ever had an encounter with a wild animal?