Camaro Reported Stolen Over 30-Years Ago Finally Found! ~ CASH {Pic}

At the bottom of a lake in Indiana. Why!?!?!?

I never understood the idea of stealing something then rolling it into a lake or ocean or something. Who knows? I wonder if there are any old cars at the bottom of the swamp behind the radio station? Why do you think I picked up magnet fishing?

32-years ago, some very sad guy reported that his ride was stolen. For 32-years, nothing. Then, out of nowhere, a fisherman thought he had the catch of his life, technically, didn’t he? Instead of it being some behemoth of a fish, it’s a Camaro!

The Camaro was reported stolen in July of 1988. Unfortunately, the owner who reported it stolen has passed, but better late than never.

What a shame. For the full story, click here.