Miranda Lambert’s Drops ‘Settling Down’ Music Video Starring Husband Brendan McLoughlin

Miranda Lambert’s much-talked-about video for her new single, “Settling Down,” is out.

The video was filmed at her farm in Tennessee and features her husband, Brendan, her horse Gibson and her pooch, Delta Dawn.

She says, “My mom always called me a wild child and a homing pigeon. I always have an itch to find a new adventure, but I’m also always ready to walk through my front door. I feel like a lot of people feel that way, and ‘Settling Down’ tells the story of being caught between those two feelings.”

Brendan spends a fair amount of time shirtless in video. (Of course.) He starts out in a tux, then it’s an unbuttoned denim shirt, then a tight Tee, and he’s FINALLY topless while cooking in the kitchen. (In a hurry? Skip to 2:14.)