“Creepy Doll Contest” Is Down To the Final 9 Horrifying Dolls! ~ CASH {Pic}

Yeah, I wouldn’t have any of these chillin’ out in my house. My Mom sure would though. Remember the creepy doll collage I made for you guys last year? I’ll try to find it and post it for Halloween.

What a great idea! A creepy doll contest. I think if you’re close in age to me, I’m 37, all of our Mom’s had creepy dolls. I think it must have been a thing to do in the early 90s class. Was your Mom in a secret sister organization or ceramics? Mine sure was! And as a result, creepy dolls. My brother and I used to think that they came to life in the middle of the night.

I think my Mom’s dolls are probably a little scarier than these. But these are some serious contenders. Take a look!

Here’s my Mother’s scary doll collection. She’s got some contenders.