Here Are The 10 Scariest G-Rated Movies! ~ CASH {Watch}

They don’t make cartoon movies like they used to. What’s happened? It’s Pixar, I tell you. They came in and ruined everything! I’m kidding, stop it, they’re great! Again, it’s a lot different than it used to be. Even Disney movies.

When I saw this list of the scariest G-Rated movies, I thought, we’ll be the judge on what’s scary and what’s not. Let’s take a look at the list and if you have little ones at home like me, perhaps this could be a fun way to hang out on Saturday.

Here’s the list from 1-10. If you can think of any others, please, do tell…

  1. “The Secret of Nimh”

2. “Monsters, Inc.”

3. “The Brave Little Toaster”

4. “A Little Princess”

5. “Pinocchio”

6. “The Princess and the Frog”

7. “The Andromeda Strain”8. “The Huntchback of Notre Dame”

9. “Toy Story 3”

10. “The Adventures of Milo and Otis”