Carly Pearce Shares Her Life-Changing Beauty Secret Available at Any Drugstore

Carly Pearce revealed to Glamour magazine her beauty secret weapon, the last thing she bought, and more in their featured segment Your Fave’s Faves.

Carly told the magazine the last thing she bought was her CMA Awards dress and shared that she is styling herself for the show with some help from her mom!

It will be a big night for Carly, she is nominated for FOUR awards so hopefully, we’ll get to see her walk on stage in the dress multiple times!

Carly also talked about the last book she read and the beauty secret she swears by is one you can find at any drugstore: L’Oréal voluminous mascara.  She said, “I have tried all kinds of mascara, but that, to this day, is my favorite. I was probably in high school when I first wore it, and now I still wear it onstage.”

Hmm…wonder what she uses to get it off at night?  

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