Jason and Brittany Aldean’s Chameleon Elvis Dies Unexpectedly: “I Know It’s ‘Just a Chameleon,’ But I Get Very Attached.”

Jason Aldean and his family had to say goodbye to their chameleon, Elvis, on Monday after it suffered complications while laying eggs.

The Aldeans brought Elvis home back in August and at the time they thought the reptile was a boy. Later they found out she was actually a girl when she began laying eggs and renamed her Elvira.

Brittany shared on her Instagram Story that they were taking the chameleon to the vet and later updated fans explaining that Elvira developed a prolapsed cloaca: when rectal tissue (part of the large intestine) “falls out” of the vent and does not retract.

“One egg was still logged in her, so she just wasn’t able to pass it, and apparently in their little bodies it’s just too much.”

“The humane decision was to just to put her to sleep today. I know it’s just a chameleon, but I get very attached to my animals.”

“She’s eating all the crickets in heaven right now.”


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Welcome to the fam, Elvis! 🦎

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