Thomas Rhett Debuts New Single: “What’s Your Country Song?” {LISTEN}

Thomas Rhett debuted a new single called “What’s Your Country Song.”

Thomas says of the song, “I noticed that whether I was in Los Angeles or New York, or Seattle or Nashville, or anywhere in between, I noticed that everybody had some country in them, you know? Whether you live in the city or wherever you live, I think everybody has a little bit of country inside their bones.”

In the lyrics, Thomas mentions some of his favorite country songs: “I actually threw one of my dad’s song titles in the second verse of “That Ain’t My Truck.” So we picked a lot of songs that I felt like really shaped me as an artist and put those in the verses. So hopefully when the listeners are listening they don’t hear the song titles, but that it sounds more like a story. And the more they listen to the song, I hope they can kinda go through and be like, “Oh my gosh, I love that song and I love that song,” but also make their own interpretation of the song and go, “What were my songs that kind of defined my life? What songs, when I hear them on the radio today as a 30 year old or 40 year old make me feel 17 again?” That’s how that song came together.”

Take a listen and let us know what you think.