Carrie Underwood Tells Sweet Story of Son Preparing To Sing On Her New Album: “I’m gonna go sing for Jesus so I wanted to look nice.”

In a new article in Guideposts, Carrie Underwood opened up about a sweet moment with her son prior to recording “Little Drummer Boy” together for her “My Gift” album.

The article written by Carrie herself says, “He came down the stairs in his jeans he wears to church, a button-down shirt and a little black fedora,” she says, adding that when she remarked to Isaiah how nice he looked, his response melted her heart.

“I’m gonna go sing for Jesus,” he explained, “So I wanted to look nice.”

Carrie also writes in the article about how life growing up in Checotah, Oklahoma, a small-town—population of 3,500, helped shape her into the person she is today.

Mom was an elementary school teacher, and Dad worked in a paper mill. We lived on a small farm where my parents bred cattle. Dad baled the hay and fed the calves in the winter. I helped out, bottle-feeding the littlest ones and giving them nicknames.

Growing up on a farm with loving parents and our church family defined my values. A small town with good people helped form me. I was rooted in something solid before I got to spread my wings.

I might be one of those stars myself these days, but Mike and I do all we can to raise our two boys with values like the ones I grew up with in Checotah. Down-to-earth, church on Sundays, plenty of grass and trees and space outside for them to roam. At night, when we put the boys to bed, we pray out loud with them. Just talking to God, letting them know he hears their every word.