A Chef Wins A Million Dollars Then Donates It To Charity! ~ CASH {Watch}

Did we know that “Who Wants To Be a Millionaire” is still on TV? Remember how popular that show was when it first came on TV? I remember how excited our little town was when we all found out that there was a lady who had made it to the initial speed test at the beginning of the show. They would go around and introduce everyone and where they were from, then they would ask a question and whoever answered it first would get to play. I think we all may have had a person from their hometown make it on the Regis Philbin hosted series.

Now, it’s Jimmie Kimmel’s turn to host and the show isn’t bad. They’ve changed things up a bit, but it still holds true to the original show that aired in the late 90s.

On Sunday night, they had a big million-dollar winner. Check it out!