My Wife’s Christmas Tree Topper Is A Real Mystery??? ~ CASH {Pic}

Every year we try and solve the hardest puzzle of all, the Warren household’s infamous Christmas Tree topper. Where in the world did my wife find out tree topper?

I know, probably at some craft store. I can’t remember the names of all those places. If you had to find a theme for our Christmas tree I would say it’s probably southwest, outdoorsy perhaps??? I really don’t know, except for the fact that there are decorative owls in our Christmas tree. Yeah, owls! Kind of like Harry Potter.

But the tree topper, I don’t get it. My wife insists that it’s the best tree topper ever. I put up a photo of the tree topper and asked folks what they thought it was and one lady said it’s someone’s sad attempt of being crafty. Perhaps it is! However, if you were stranded in the woods and were trying to celebrate Christmas the best you could, this would be the ultimate tree topper.

Take a look at it. What do you think this thing is? In the meantime, if you have something that’s more strange and bizarre on your Christmas tree, show us!