Dierks Bentley Plays Dwight Schrute, MacGyver Hiliarous New ‘Gone’ Video

Dierks Bentley just dropped the music video for his song “Gone” and he transforms into 13 different iconic roles for the video!

Watch for Dierks as a Game of Thrones knight incinerated by a dragon, a MacGyver hero who snips the wrong time-bomb wire, a Fabio pitchman blinded by perfume, and Dwight Schrute from everyone’s favorite The Office.

The “real” Dierks watches all of these versions of himself on an old-school TV which the sing plays, “I’ve been gone, I’ve been gone / I’ve been sittin’ on the couch watching TV all day long. All day long, I’ve been tryna figure out how a good thing went wrong.”

He also shared a behind-the-scenes video of the music video with PEOPLE where he explains the video’s premise while bloopers show onscreen.