Justin Moore Adds a New Member to The Family: It’s ‘Controlled Chaos’

Justin Moore’s family experienced the heartbreaking loss of their beloved dog Hank earlier this year. At 16 years old, Hank’s kidneys began to fail and after he suffered a seizure, the Moore family had to say goodbye.

Justin wasn’t ready to add someone new to their family just yet. He told People, “I didn’t want to think about loving something else after him for a while.” His wife, however, disagreed and Justin says, ‘as with most battles in my household, I lost.”

So now, Justin, his wife, and four kids have added an adorable Aussie Doodle named Fancy to the household. Oh, and did we mention that they also have two Great Danes? So it’s really a full house!

Justin joked, “She’s a cute little dog but I said right off the bat, I’m not cleaning up poop or pee.”