Girl’s Letter to Santa Goes Viral: ‘Tried Hard to Be Good but Miserably Failed’ [PIC]

A little girl’s letter to Santa has gone viral after she revealed she ‘failed miserably’ to be good but still had a few things she wanted for Christmas…including a holiday to France, some AirPods, and an iPhone. LOL!

Her older brother shared the letter on Twitter saying: “Y’all, look at this letter my little 9y/r sister wrote to Santa.”

In the letter, she wrote: “Dear beloved Father Christmas, I hope you’ve had a wonderful year and you’ve been well.

“My year has been quite the opposite.

“I’ve tried hard to be good but miserably failed.

“I’ll be honest I do deserve coal, but please I’d love to have a present.“Actually more than one.

“Here’s a list – tick the boxes if you have done them.”