Carly Quinn’s Wild Card Weekend Pig Skin Picks! ~ C&C

Playoff football will be a nice break from all the chaos that’s happened this week and it wouldn’t be wild card weekend without Carly’s picks. You see, we do it a little bit differently around here. Carly picks her teams based on which quarterback she finds more attractive. So, with that in mind, let’s take a look at who Carly is going with this weekend. I’ll agree or disagree on whether or not I think her picks are legit.

Let’s start with Saturday’s games.

Indianapolis at Buffalo. Carly’s a big Josh Allen fan, based on his looks, and she knows a guy who usually roots for Indy. Because of that reason, Carly’s going with Buffalo. Kickoff at 1:05 PM.

Los Angeles Rams at the Seattle Seahawks. Carly’s all about Russell Wilson, but, Jared Goff isn’t bad looking either. However, with rumors that Goff’s injury may prevent him from playing, Carly had to roll with Seattle. Kickoff at 4:40 PM.

Tampa Bay at the Washington Football Team. Since we’re proud Virginians over here. How can you go against Washington? That and Carly thinks Alex Smith is more attractive than Tom Brady. Hey, the heart wants what the heart wants. Ron Rivera should win coach of the year with everything he’s been dealing with this year. Go WASHINGTON! Kickoff at 8:15 PM.

Here are Sunday’s games.

Baltimore at Tennessee. Tough decision for Ms. Quinn. She’s a Lamar Jackson fan but can’t stop staring at Ryan Tannehill. Carly’s going with Tennessee and that’s where I have to take a quick sharp right turn. I’m going with Baltimore to go on the road and upset, if you want to call it that, the Tennesee Titans. Kickoff at 1:05 PM.

Chicago Bears at New Orleans Saints. Easy one for Carly, she’s going Drew Brees all the way. I’m still over here wondering how the Bears made the playoffs??? I’m kidding Bears fans. I must go Saints as well. Kickoff at 4:40 PM.

Cleveland at Pittsburgh. No brainer for Carly, since she’s a Steelers fan. As for me. I’m an anyone but Pittsburgh fan. To make it interesting, I’ll take Cleveland. Again, folks, there’s always one big upset. Kickoff at 8:15 PM.