Luke Combs Opens Up About Struggles With Anxiety and OCD {VIDEO}

In an exclusive new interview with Dan Rather, Luke Combs opened up about his battles with anxiety and obsessive-compulsive disorder, issues that he says he has dealt with since middle school.

“First time I can remember is probably middle school kind of up to the end of college, and I still have my moments here and there.”

He says he has ‘purely obsessional OCD’ and has struggled with obsessive thoughts.

“Essentially, my version of fixing the blinds or straightening the carpet are thoughts that I play over and over in my head. For example, it’ll be something about my health. I’ll be worried that I’m gonna have a heart attack or have a stroke and it becomes this very obsessive thing that you literally can never have an answer to… It’s something that you learn about yourself, and arming yourself with the knowledge of exactly what’s going on is the most important thing, I’ve found.”

The full interview airs on January 13th on AXS TV.

Watch a clip below.