Eric Church Reveals Why He Almost Said No to Singing the National Anthem at the Super Bowl

Eric Church almost turned down the opportunity to sing the National Anthem at the Super Bowl.

Eric told People magazine:

“I’ve said this forever: ‘I will never ever sing the national anthem…’ it’s so hard. Except the Super Bowl. I’m not Chris Stapleton. I fully assumed they were never going to ask me.”

So when the invitation came this year, he says he had mixed feelings.  He didn’t think he was good enough because he considers himself a “stylist, not a vocalist.”

When they told him he’d be performing it with R&B singer Jazmine Sullivan he changed his mind.

“And then I heard her . . . and thought, ‘I’m not missing a chance to sing with her.’  That was it.  Once I heard her voice I was in.”

Jazmine spoke with ET about the performance revealing she has not met Eric yet.

“I’m excited to meet him, we definitely come from two totally different, um, everything. But, I’m excited, I think it will be cool to blend the different sounds of music and just show some unity.”

“I just hope that it brings unity and it shows that you can be from two different parts of life and come together, you know, for a good common cause, basically.”